Travel: A Day in Encinitas and Solana Beach

Hey guys!! How’s it going?!? As you may know Josh and I recently took a trip to North County San Diego. We started this trip in Carlsbad then spent the second day in Encinitas. Guy!! This place is beautiful, for it to be such a small town there are a lot of places that you can visit with a ten to fifteen minutes.


We started the morning of with breakfast and coffee, a must in our household. You can’t really have a conversation with Josh until he’s had his coffee. We stopped at Swami’s Cafe, a quant little spot with every time of American food you could ask for. There are a few of Swami’s Cafe around San Diego County, we have been to the one in North Park before, delicious! The spot up in Encinitas is the original location.


After our breakfast stop we drove across the street were there is a beach access point and walked along the beach for a bit (gotta get our steps in). Swami’s Beach is beautiful, the sand is a mixture of black and white sand and there are small perfectly stones across the beach. During our mini trip the sun didn’t come out, enjoying lots of the May Gray and June Gloom (or thats what the call it in San Diego). The weather was nice during our trip, just wish we got to enjoy some sunshine.


After walking on the beach for a bit we decided to just drive around a bit and explore  while it was still gloomy. We drove about ten minutes up the main road that runs next to the beach and ran across the Solana Beach area. We spent most of our time here just walking about checking out the little shops that are around where the main beach access is.


top Forever 21 (old) similar | jeans levi | shoes chacos | bag vintage dooney similar


While we were walking about we came across this succulent shop, oh man guys! I wanted to leave this place with so many plants. They even have some cacti that I have been trying to find for several months now. However we have put ourselves on a plant no buy because we are moving next year and we don’t know where. So we don’t want to buy too many plants and then just have to get rid of them. But if we weren’t moving I would be headed back to buy all kinds of succulents.


Next we found a little art district with lots of little shops, food, coffee, and beer. We went it to SoLo shop, these are some of my all time favorite stores to go in. I want to leave with everything they have. I’ve been wanting to get some new coffee table books because I love changing up what up put on our coffee table and this store has such a great selection of books. I also loved the way that had the store curated, every section of the store has it own theme.


After our morning of adventure around Solana and Encinitas we stopped by Ironsmith Coffee Roasters and got some delicious coffee. Not to mention they are served in the cutest setup. After we got our coffee, we headed back to the AirBnB that we stayed at. We rested a bit then went out for a nice date night featuring and enjoyed the small night life this cute town has to offer.






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