2017 Roundup


We are almost two weeks through 2018 already, how has that happened. 2017 was a crazy year for us, Josh had a crazy year with his IT job and I had a tough year where I was working which lead to me to quit in August. We spend our second full year in San Diego and feel in love with the city more than ever. We found out that we were going to move to Italy (in spring 2018) which is something that we talked about for almost two years. We grew as people, made new friendships, traveled to new cities and discovered new things.

When I look back at 2017, I think about the struggle that I was going through with my job. Which is something that I haven’t talked about on here because for the first month or so it was really hard to me to talk about without getting emotional. However, I learned a lot from that situation and now I’m happier than ever. Running this blog is something that I enjoy so much and look forward to creating more content in 2018.


-We shared our trip to Knoxville and some of my favorite recommendations
-Enjoyed coffee on the weekend and cocktails and board games in the evening
-Visited Balboa Park, which we go to quite often
-Updated our living room with a mini make over


-Shared a quick ceviche recipe that is our go to
-Every month I subscribe to Boxy Charm and Ipsy and shared my thoughts on those


-Visited the Chinese New Years Festival in Downtown San Diego
-Shared some images from our often trips to the San Diego Zoo
-My casual weekday attire and wearing stripes and hats
-We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary


-Josh’s parents visited us for a week showed them all around San Diego
-We had a seaside date night in La Jolla, along with visiting the sea lions and seals


-Shared so more thoughts on Boxy Charm and Ipsy
-Probably worked to much at our jobs


-Visited Encinitas and Carlsbad for an extended weekend trip to North County San Diego


-Took a trip to Tennessee to visit my family for the fourth of July
-My little sister got ENGAGED and I got to be there (ps I was more surprised than she was and almost started crying when found out)
-Josh celebrated his 27th birthday
-We ventured around downtown San Diego during Comic Con


-I quit my job and started blogging full time
-Shot lots of outfit posts including stripes and bandana, levi muscle tee, and summer transitions
-Josh was gone over half the month with the Navy for work


-We spent so time exploring South California at Balboa Park (one of our favorite places in the city), Coronado Island and Long Beach
-Officially shared the news that WE’RE MOVING TO ITALY
-Shared my love for facial oils while trying to clear up my acne and bought a duster cardigan that I still can’t get enough of


-Shared Josh’s love for his jean jacket
-Visited San Francisco for fleet week and visited with some of my close friends and family that live in the bay area along with Part 1, Golden Gate Park, and Our Favorite Places in SF (plus we got to see Randy Newman play live)
-Discovered a delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe
-Celebrated my 27th birthday

sfp1-8sf golden gate park-12sfp3-11

-My mother came to visit for two weeks and we spent a day in the desert
-Caught a sunset at Point Loma
-Shared my love for Glossier and a denim wrap skirt
-Josh reenlist for another few years in the Navy, making us one step closer to Italy


-Listed to this playlist maybe more that I’d like to admit
-Had a date night at the symphony and enjoyed wearing winter white
-Purchased the perfect luggage set (we still can’t get enough about how amazing this set is)
-Shared our go to New Years Eve outfit


2017 was a crazy, wonderful year for Josh and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. Hello Italy, we’re coming for you!!!






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