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Josh and I are finally starting to get more settled into our house after moving almost two weeks ago. One of the first rooms that we set up was the bedroom. While it’s coming together nicely, we do still need to add accessories and pick up loads of plants to really make the space sing! Before we moved out of San Diego Josh and I had already talked about pickup up some new bedding once we moved in. Mainly because our cat, Norbert, had taken to scratching the side of the bed sheets most mornings to wake us up for food, gotta love him though. So our previous set of sheets had gotten some small claw side holes on the sides. We had started searching a bit in San Diego, but couldn’t find anything that we were really in love with.


One day while we were randomly searching the internet, I stumbled across a West Elm sale. After a bit of back and forth on what color we wanted for sheets and quilts, quilts versus duvet; we finally decided on a bedding set. I knew that I wanted a white set. I want everything white when it has come to buying new things in our house, much to Josh’s dismay. I have always been a quilt person, partly because I have two grandmothers that quilt and I like the light-weightness a quilt provides.


After going back and forth a bit on which quilt to get, Josh and I settled on a Belgian Linen Quilt with the Sleepsmart sheets. We both could not be more in love with this set! We also picked up these Lush Velvet Pillow Covers in Copper. We still have a lot to do with this room along with the rest of the house but we started to get somewhere. West Elm has always been one of our favorite stores to pick up quality home decor. While we where living in San Diego we picked up quite a few things from the local store including the Faux String of Pearls plant and the Vase on the nightstand. Though they are currently not still for sale, they have many similar items.


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