Summer Evening in Siena


Now that we are in August, social media is full of getting ready for back to school and fall. While I’m just trying to soak up the last bits of summer and enjoy all the warm weather I can possibly get. Summer months are always some my favorite, although Fall has always been my favorite season with Halloween, football season, and of course my birthday! While I love fall, I’m not quite ready to jump full into Fall just yet. The weather where we live here in Naples is similar to that of Florida/ Georgia if you are similar with that. Therefore most of the past few weeks I have been in light tees and gym shorts. I haven’t been putting on ‘real clothes’ and I cannot complain about it.


A few weeks ago Josh and I took a trip up to Siena, you can check out the blog post here. It was such a refreshing trip from Naples. Josh and I are enjoying living in Naples, however there are some things that you have to start over looking such as trash piles everywhere on the side of the highway. As well as getting used to driving took us a few weeks. We knew that once we moved out to Naples, our goal was to travel as much as possible. We went back and forth a bit as to where was wanted to travel first, we settled on a small Tuscan town of Siena.


Siena was perfect for our first trip, we took the slow train from Naples so that Josh could get some rest (he had just gotten off the midnight shift and it took about seven hours. Visiting Siena was such a refreshing break from Naples and we are already planning yearly trips to Tuscan towns. It gets a bit cooler during the evenings here, I pulled out my favorite pair of Levi’s 721. Along with a graphic tee that Josh picked up for me last year while we were visiting San Fransisco. This tee is from a small company, Iron and Resin, which quickly became one of Josh’s favorite shops. Because I got this shirt last year, it isn’t for sale anymore, however they have such a great selection of graphic tees. Iron and Resin is mainly a men’s based store, but they do have a small selection for women.


iron and resin tee | madewell scarf | levis jeans | steve madden shoes | kate spade watch






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  1. PeculiarPorter Avatar

    My school was right behind where you’re standing in front of! Ugh, I want to go back so badly! Such a cute tee💕

    Xo Logan


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