Siena, Italy | Part 2


Josh and I have fallen for Tuscany, we both want to go visit many of the little towns in the area. There are so many great little towns to visit each with something different to offer. If you saw part one of our trip to Siena, we visited the Duomo and wandered around town a bit. So I thought that we’d share some more pictures from around town. We spent most of our time walking around, wandering into coffee shops and wine stores. Making the occasional stop for gelato, but what else are going to do in Italy, right?


This is the view from the hotel that we stayed at, Hotel Alma Dolmas, if you do end up visiting Siena, we both highly recommend this place. Make sure to ask for a room with view or “Posso avere una camera con vista!”


If we weren’t walking around, we spent our time sitting and enjoying the scenery in the Piazza del Campo. Italy is full of piazze, some small, some large. If you ask around, the Piazza del Campo is, in many people’s opinions, probably one of the best piazze in Italy, which is saying a lot. Pretty much any time of day you’ll find both tourists and locals lounging on the cobblestones, sipping on vino or eating a gelato. It’s a communal space, and reminded us of sections of Balboa Park back in San Diego.


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Siena is a great city to sit, relax and enjoy the days. In the morning a grab a cappuccino and a cornetto and sit and sip; in the evening a pick one of the smaller bars on the piazza and grab a bottle of vino. (Or bring some drinks to the piazza and people watch.) You’ll also notice how family friendly the area is. Kids run around playing football (soccer, to us Americans) and little made up games while their parents chat off to the side. There are so many great restaurants that we visited, while we didn’t check out any on the Piazza because you are paying more of tourist fee. We wanted to check out more of the places that the locals love to visit, which is what have always tried to do when we are visiting a new city.


For such a small town, there is quite a lot to do. The city is set up with museums throughout, which is great to see if you’re interested in the history of the town and enjoy looking at the older architecture (which we both love). Or can go on the many day trips to other close towns, which we didn’t take advantage of on this trip. But we are already planning out our next trip to Siena/ Tuscany area. If you need to recommendation as to where to eat and what else we did, just let me know. We are full of information. Also, Lonely Planet and Rick Stevens have some great information on Siena, which is how we planned most of this trip.




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  1. PeculiarPorter Avatar

    Oh my god, these photos brought me way back! I studied abroad in Siena and stayed with a host family. I legit lived in the piazza and market pizza. I’m so happy that you thought it was such a beautiful place because it stole my heart three years ago 💕


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