Fall Transitions


Now that we are half way through September, I have started thinking about Fall a bit more. The mornings are getting a little colder (which I love and have missed) and while I’m not giving up on summer weather quite yet, I am pretty excited for fall! This is the first year in about three years that Josh and I will to experience a full Fall because living in San Diego the weather stays very summery until mid-November. I have started to put together an inspiration pile of clothing that I’m loving for the coming months and thought that I’d share what I’m into with you. For the past few months, our main focus has been on decorating our house and picking up some furniture needs to complete our house. While we have gotten most of the decoration done, I am putting a bit more focus on fashion after having spent the better part of this sweltering summer in gym shorts and tank tops, just trying to keep cool. Are you guys excited for fall styles? What pieces are you eyeing this season?!


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