Florence, Italy


Oh man, it’s been a little bit since I wrote a blog post! Life has been a little crazy for the past few months. Josh has started working on a second bachelors degree in Information Technologies and I started working part time again. So we have spent our time getting back in the flow and put our focus on the day to day actives along with taking care of the house (we’ve been apartment dwellers for the past several years, so beyond cleaning, we haven’t to do much upkeep in a long time).

At the end of January we took a long weekend trip up to Florence and oh my! We had been to the Tuscany area once before last summer when we visited Siena (you can see those blog post: Siena, Italy | Part 1Summer Evening in Siena, and Siena, Italy | Part 2). Tuscany is such a wonderful area to visit, Josh and I are so in love with the area! So we were excited to visit again but this time in Florence. I’ve also been uploading many of my prints up to Society 6 and you can check out my page!


levis jacket (similar here and here) | levis sweater (similar here and here) | levis jeans | vans shoes

Just incase you didn’t know what one of my favorite stores is…. it’s Levi’s. HAHA!


We spent most of our time wandering around and hopping from restaurant to restaurant stoping at an enoteca during the afternoons. One of my favorite parts of traveling in these European cities is that everything is so close to each other, so we end up just walking from place to place and don’t have to worry about getting a vehicle to see the city in. One of my favorite places to spend the afternoon was piazza around the Duomo. After visiting a few different Italian cities, I have to say that the Duomo di Firenze is one of the most gorgeous building that we have gotten to see thus far in our travels.


We spent four wonderful days in Florence, and have a ton of more pictures to share, so keep an eye out for part 2 soon!







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  1. Logan Avatar

    Florence is such a gem! I hope you had so much fun and had wonderful food!


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