Spring Style Guide


It’s that wonderful time of year again where flower are starting to bloom, jackets become optional, and dresses are coming in rotation. Spring is upon us!! Every year around this time I feel the need to change up my wardrobe. This spring will be our first spring in Naples, Italy, so we will be experiencing different weather than we got last year living in San Diego. I’m so excited for the warmer days, trips to the beach, and exploring more of not so little town.

As the weather start to transition, I’d thought I would share some items I’m loving for a bit for spring styling. As a constant jean wearer, this spring I want to try and expand the amount of patterned pants I wear. I love how much it can brighten up an outfit! I bought a few last spring and loved wearing them through the spring and summer. Therefore I have been picking up shirts that have a more mild pattern that can easily match those louder patterned pant. Of course, I still tend to lean towards a more natural tone in my overall wardrobe with pops of color in the details.


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I’m so looking forward to more styling this spring and picking up some new clothes! Let me know what’s on your spring clothing list!





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