Florence, Italy | Part 2


If you follow along on the blog, then you saw Part 1 of our weekend trip to Florence. Josh and I spent our first few days wandering around drinking our way through the city. One of my favorite parts of visiting Florence was getting to see the art museums. If you didn’t know, Josh and I met while attending art school. So, even though neither of us majored in fine art, we studied way too much classical art history. I never envisioned getting to see these pieces in person one day.


Our first museum stop was to see Michelangelo’s sculpture of David at the Galleria dell’Accademia. If you plan on visiting the Accademia Gallery, we both recommend purchasing your tickets in advance because they only left so many people in per hour. This museum is a bit smaller and you can see everything in thirty minutes if wanted to see David and then rush through the rest, or if you want to take in their rather impressive collection of ancient sculpture at a leisurely pace, allow for an hour and half. After visiting the museum we walked over to the Piazza della Signoria to check out the Gucci Garden and the Loggia del Lanzi, which hold some 14th Century Renaissance sculptures.


Our next stop was The Uffizi Galleries, and man oh man, this was such a dream for both Josh and I. There is so many great pieces in this museum. IIf you have even a passing interest in art, then you have to visit this museum. Josh and I spent about four hours walking through the museum but could have easily spend a few more hours if we wanted to. There’s something about studying at art school that really makes you appreciate The Uffizi a bit more. As I’ve said before I when I was studying these pieces in school, I never thought that I’d be able to see this outside of on a screen. While Josh and I were in the museum we took a few minutes to reflect and soak in the moments of being able to see these wonderful pieces. Of course stopping and enjoying the wonderful light that comes in through the windows as well. You can get some great views of the city from some of the corners too!


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One of the great things about buying tickets to The Uffizi Galleria is that for a few extra Euro you can also add a visit to the Giardino di Baboli. This is a great little garden attached to the palace just a ten minute walk from The Uffizi. It’s such a cute space to walk about and enjoy the Tuscan afternoons. Pro Tip: If you wander to some of the back corners of the gardens, you’ll find hills with some pretty breathtaking views of Florence.

Overall, we both really enjoyed out extended weekend trip to Florence and can’t wait to visit more of the countryside on our next visit. Some of our friends just visited and told us about a few places to add on our next trip!







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