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  • Snippets of Our Home

    Snippets of Our Home

    If you’ve been following along on the blog for a bit now, you may know that my husband, Josh, and I moved from San Diego, California to Naples, Italy back in April.  After living out of suitcases in multiple hotels for a couple months, we moved into our house in late June and have been…

  • West Elm Bedding

    West Elm Bedding

    Josh and I are finally starting to get more settled into our house after moving almost two weeks ago. One of the first rooms that we set up was the bedroom. While it’s coming together nicely, we do still need to add accessories and pick up loads of plants to really make the space sing!…

  • Bedroom Inspiration

    Bedroom Inspiration

    Josh and I are getting closer to moving into our house and out of the hotel. Hopefully we will be moving in next weekend if everything goes smoothly before that. I have been spending way to much time on Pinterest these days. We are both so ready to get into our place, start unboxing and…