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  • North Park, San Diego

    North Park, San Diego

    Happy Monday, y’all! Josh and I are starting a new mini series here on Slightly Luminous in which we are sharing our favorite places broken down by neighborhoods here in San Diego. For our first installment: North Park, San Diego.  If Josh and I aren’t in our local neighborhood of East Village we are usually…

  • Travel: Golden Gate Park in SF

    Travel: Golden Gate Park in SF

    Though I have travel to San Francisco several times in my life, this was the first time that we spend the whole day in the park exploring everything we could. There is so much to see and by no means did we see everything that we there is. We visited the park the weekend of…

  • Travel: San Francisco Part 1

    Travel: San Francisco Part 1

    Josh and I are back from a mini trip to San Francisco! This is my fifth trip to San Fransisco and Josh’s first trip, I’m so excited that I got to explore this city with him. There is so much to see in San Francisco and we only scratched the surface with the trip. I…