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  • Holiday Playlist

    Holiday Playlist

    Happy Holidays! Josh and I are going on the hunt for a Christmas tree today! Growing up we would listen to Andy Williams Holiday album to and from the Christmas tree farm. It’s the album that always gets me in the Holiday spirit no matter what. Each holiday season, Josh and I sit down and…

  • Happy Holidays from Tennessee!

    Happy Holidays from Tennessee!

    Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas already?! This year has really flown by. We’ve been traveling back home in Tennessee the past week or so, as I’m sure many of you have been as well. With all of the craziness of holiday travel, we haven’t been able to work on the blog much, but we’ve…

  • Playlists: Christmas 2016

    Playlists: Christmas 2016

    It’s officially December! Meaning it’s now acceptable to put your tree up and blast holiday tunes to your heart’s desire. We’ve all got some favorites, many of which have multiple recordings. Why sift through all of the options when you can just give our new Christmas playlist a listen? We’ve curated a pretty great (if…