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  • Theory Duster

    Theory Duster

    Happy Friday! Now that we are in Fall and the cooler mornings are in full swing here, I have been reaching for all the sweaters! After living in San Diego for three years (which was amazing) but I really started to miss those lovely Fall days that I grew up with in Tennessee. So now…

  • Colder Days

    Colder Days

    Last few weeks have been pretty chilly in San Diego, meaning it’s in the 50’s. After living in San Diego for two years I have become one of those people that thinks 50 degrees is cold. I can’t help but laugh at myself a bit when I complain about it being cold, but oh well.…

  • Theory Cardigan

    Theory Cardigan

    How are we at the end of February already. Josh and I knew that the first few months of this year were going to go fast because we have been looking forward to April for over six months now. We are soaking up every moment and enjoy San Diego as much as we can right…